Saturday, February 27, 2010


Some ideas to get organised

>> i love the colour


>>good use of space


>>would it be a bit difficult to get what you want


Friday, February 26, 2010


After watching K's video,
i wanted to D.I.Y. ,
pretty all in a sudden,
sometimes we just feel excited/happy by some small little things,
maybe we don't even noticed it.

Going to find a pair of sharp scissors...
wait for me tee!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Farewell...or not?

Farewell programme

I didn't cry at all, actually... I'm quite excited.
yeah, i know it is pretty weird.
It is sad to say goodbye to my frds.
I can't imagine life without them.
Good that i know that we'll be together in the near future,
I guess that's the main reason why i didn't cry.

However, future can't be guaranteed.
I might just happened to be one of the affecting factor.
If i study aboard, i would have to say goodbye to my dear frds for a few years.
It's heart-breaking to me.

Whether to study aboard is a very tough, important and urgent question to me.
The application deadline would be a few days later.
I think study aboard(to UK) is quite challenging but interesting, and i can escape from the tough public exam here.
Also, a high% of getting into the universities in uk will be guaranteed as long as i study, which wouldn't be happening in here.
In here, you have to study REALLY HARD to get good grade which is good enough for getting into the local uni here. (there is not much here not more than 5)
Of course, my English standard would be greatly improved if i went to study in UK,
and it would help in my future.
Also as I would like to study Psychology in uni, good writing skills is pretty important to me.
So, it is really TEMPTING.

BUT... life is full of difficulties, and we shall face it and tackle them.
Escaping from them won't make you to become a better person.
Study very hard might get me a chance to get into the 2 uni i would like to get into as they have Psychology department and is quite good compare to other uni here.
I could also start up my small business here with my best frd or by my own.
It would be nearly impossible to earn money during my studies in uk, but not in here.
Staying here to study would also let me to stay connected to my frds, and i could continue my dancing lessons in the studio i like, i could join the studio's great annual performance as well!

Err... such a dilemma!!

Any suggestions or opinion from you?
Please kindly tell me, it would be a great help to me.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Exam is coming in two days!
and I'm still surfing the internet non-stop,
really wanted to give a slap to myself and says "get off!!"
I really should give out of this addiction...
tons off materials waiting for me to be studied,
can i tear them into pieces?!
Hate study!
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